Stroma and Skye

16 x 20 inches,   oil on canvas,   2011

Stoma and Skye were two elderly huskies in the Hairybreeks dog team during the austral summer of 1967-68.  More accurately, Skye with the crumpled ear is on the left and Stroma, his brother on the right, (but the title reads better as Stroma and Skye).  They were the back pair of the team of nine.  Their brothers Barra and Staffa were in the dog team called the Mobsters, which accompanied Peter Noble and myself driving the Hairybreeks.  That was during the season when we tried to reach the Shackleton Range overland by dog sledge from British Antarctic Survey base of Halley Bay situated at the edge of the Brunt Ice Shelf on the eastern flanks of the Weddell Sea.

 An account of my association with these two lovable old rogues may be found in the March 2012 edition of the online magazine The Fan Hitch.

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