Camp Site at Depot 36

(later Crossroads Depot)

10 x 24 inches,  Oil on board,  1984

A substantial depot was maintained by British Antarctic Survey at a point across the hinge zone where it meet the inland ice, some 36 miles south of Halley Bay Station in the 1960's.  From this point tractor and dog teams set off eastwards to the Tottan Mountains and later to the south to go to the Theron Mountains and the Shackleton Range, both some 200 miles or more distant. 

This view northwards shows two tents and one dog team at rest.  Beyond some 2000 feet lower are  the open waters of Precious Bay and the ice cliffs of Brunt ice Shelf.  On the horizon are tabular bergs, which leisurely drift southwestwards along the ice front drawn into the gyre of the Weddell Sea further to the south west.

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