18" x 14",  Oil on Canvas,  1993

This painting was auctioned on behalf of  British Antarctic Sledge Dog Memorial Fund

The Auction was held on eBay from 1st  to 10th December 2007.  It is now finished

For further please details contact Hwfa Jones on

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The Greenland Husky Changi was one of a pack of approximately 60 dogs at the British Antarctic Survey's base at Halley Bay during the mid 1960s. They were used extensively for local ice shelf travel and route finding across the crevassed hinge zone linking the floating ice shelf to the inland ice cap.  At the end of the 1960's Changi became leader of the Hobbits sledge dog team operating out of Halley Research Station.

Once access had been gained to the ice cap plateau, longer journeys were possible supported by Muskegs tractors, hauling sledges loaded with supplies of fuel, man and dog food, whilst the dog teams went on ahead. Thus survey and geological field work in the Tottanfjella and Heimefrontfjella east of Halley Bay was possible during a number of summer seasons and later similar journeys were made to the Theron Mountains some 250 miles south of the base.