A two image presentation

CLICK on  the large fur seal

This picture was painted from the artists own images taken in 1969. 

For a link to similar view, but showing the degree of  glacial recession over the past 36 years, possibly due to global warming, click on the large fur seal.

This new illustration is based on Google Earth imagery captured since 2005.

Across Possession Bay - 1969  

16 x 30 inches, oil on canvas board, 1995   360 now held at SGHT

Based on images taken whilst working in the area as a geologist with British Antarctic Survey, January-March 1969.  The view across Possession Bay is southerly from the vicinity of Prince Olav Harbour, and shows the Murray Snowfield, across which Shackleton, Worsley and Crean trudged in their desperate effort to reach Stromness Whaling Station in May 1916.  Here, they knew there would be help to rescue not only the other members of his open boat party, now marooned in King Haakon Bay, but the rest of his expedition he had had to leave on Elephant Island, some 800 miles away across the stormy Scotia Sea.

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