Across Goldsmith Glacier, Theron Mountains   (main part of image)

Original at 10" x 24",  Oil on Board,  1988

The artist's dog team is at rest overlooking the lower reaches of the Goldsmith Glacier and northern part of the Theron Mountains. Goldsmith Glacier descends some 2000 feet from the Antarctic plateau to the southeast, cutting through the mountains which are in the form of a 60 mile long discontinuous escarpment of sheer cliffs composed of dolerite, some up to 2000 feet high in places in its main section.  Those seen from the camp are some four miles away across the glacier, and are approximately 1200 feet high.

The tranquillity of the scene is misleading for it is late in the field season and our party and the dog teams are relaxing in the final days of calm weather at the end of the short summer. Shortly afterwards we began the long haul overland some 250 miles to our base at Halley Bay.

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