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Main Party Arrival   275

Cave Cove, King Haakon Bay,  South Georgia  275,

Pintails and Sugartop,  South Georgia  525 

Nimrod at the Barrier 95

Across Possession Bay in 1969  360, available through SGHT

Shackleton's Cross, South Georgia  550

Emperor Dawn    275

Across Half Moon Bay   425

Two Kings and Mount Paget, South Georgia     375


These paintings are for sale or auction exclusively through the South Georgia Heritage Trust .       (For sale  and carriage details please refer to South Georgia Heritage Trust.  Link on home page)



Gentoo Twins     for sale

South Georgia Pipits       for auction

These paintings are done in oils  on canvas, canvas covered board, medium density fibre board (MDF) or in gouache on quality water colour paper.  Sizes are given in inches, vertical first. CLICK on each image for an enlargement with a short description of the subject, size and price in UK pounds sterling.  Carriage, insurance, and currency conversion charges vary and are not included in the sale price.  These and other details will be available on request . For more information please contact me by  e-mail.