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      Pintails and  Sugartop , South Georgia     For Sale      

The Return     *

Nimrod at the Barrier  For Sale  95

   In supporting the South Georgia Heritage Trust I have added this recent painting to their sales gallery.    May 2010   A favourite subject painted for the display at the British Antarctic Survey Club Annual Reunion in Cardiff.        June 2010   Sir Ernest Shackleton's Antarctic Expedition of 1907-09 sailed in the Nimrod a Dundee-built sealer.  Here she lies against an ice floe with the Ross Ice Shelf beyond.  September 2010

South Georgia Pipits    For Auction through SGHT

Stroma and Skye

Emperor Dawn    For Sale,  275

   Two South Georgia Pipits rest on a mossy bank.  The South Georgia Heritage Trust are to carry out a rat eradication programme in an attempt to clear the island of this alien species and  so allow the pipits a opportunity to re-colonise their original territory.        September 2010

I really enjoyed doing this painting of the two lovable rogues in the Hairybreeks dog team  of 1967-68.  April 2011 I always try and do at least one painting of penguins over winter time at home.  This last winter (2010-11) has been particularly reminiscent of the frozen conditions of their real home - the icy shores of Antarctica!      April 2011
Trans-Atlantic Days, ss Great Britain, 1845-46 Synchronicity - Fortuna Bay , South Georgia The Old Base, Halley Bay, February 1967  Commission
Asked to do a painting for the forthcoming BAS Club Reunion 2011, aboard the ss Great Britain, here is my contribution to the auction held there to help raise funds for the club's charities.   May 2011 I love painting mountainous scenery, and the light mantled sooty albatross is among my favourite birds.  What could be more satisfying than combining both in this nostalgic painting of an area  where I once carried out geological investigations for the British Antarctic Survey.   May 2011 This is the third version of my painting showing a parhelia as seen from the drum line linking the old and new bases at the British Antarctic Survey station at Halley Bay, during a walk to the old base in February 1967.  August 2011
Base H - Signy Island, South Orkney Islands  Version 2 Flight of the Penguins    For Sale  225 Never to Return   ss Terra Nova, 1913,
As a recent commission, this is the second painting I have done of this base.  The first is available as a print.  However, I have been able to indulge myself once again in painting mountains, this time, those of Coronation Island across the water from Signy Island,    December 2011 Do penguins really march?  They say they have lost the power of flight.  But have they?  April 2012 .

I was asked if I would do another  painting for auction at the BAS Club Reunion 2012, in Cambridge on behalf of the British Antarctic Monument Trust.  This is to raise funds for the erection of a monument in Port Stanley, Falkland Islands to all those who went south and did not return.   June 2012

Two Kings and Mount Paget,  South Georgia    For Sale    375    
This last winters penguin penguin painting shows two king penguins set against the background of Mount Paget, the highest peak in the Allardyce Range, which forms the mountainous spine of South Georgia.  May 2012.