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Eight different greeting cards are available. The message inside each card  is Seasons Greetings except Two Kings and Mt Sugartop, South Georgia and RRS James Clark Ross.    Sales details are at the bottom of this web page 

Click on each image for its title and a brief description.  The title of each image is printed on the back of each card.

Base F - Faraday

Emperors and Chicks

Cape Wild, Elephant Island

RRS James Clark Ross      almost sold out

Two Kings and Mt Sugartop, South Georgia    

Shackleton's Cross, Hope Point, South Georgia

Wings over Leith, South Georgia

Base H - Signy

All are at A6 size, approximately 6 x 4 inches.  Cards are supplied with envelopes. Any number or combination are currently available.  A set of 10 will include two repeats.   Cards are 45p each. (0.45),   as of 5th May 2012. ( Discounts: 40p each on orders of 100 cards or over)

For postage and free packing  up to 750g  of

Total cost including recent hike in UK First Class postal rates.  (Second Class is 50p less)  Please specify.

 10 cards (same or mixed) 4.50 plus 2.70 = 7.20
 20 cards (same or mixed) 9.00 plus  2.70  = 11.70
30 cards (same or mixed) 13.50 plus 2.70 = 16.20
40 cards (same or mixed) 18.00 plus 2.70 = 20.70
50 cards (same or mixed) 22.50 plus 2..70  = 25.20

ORDERING DETAILS    as of  5th May 2012   Postal address:  5 The Cottages, The Green, Stockton Brook, Stoke on Trent,  Staffordshire, ST9 9PD.    You could contact me by e-mail, especially for a quote for overseas orders.  In all cases I will await arrival and clearance of your  cheque before dispatch.  I hope you understand.  Pease make cheques payable to M J Skidmore,  OR   using my email address, mikeskidmore  - at - supanet dot com, you could use my PayPal account at     Thank you.