Shackleton's Cross, South Georgia

            16" x 30", Oil on canvas board, 1995     550

A lonely cross was erected in Shackleton's memory on a promontory at the entrance to the bay at Grytviken Whaling Station by members of the Quest expedition on their return through South Georgia. It looks westerly across Cumberland East Bay towards the forbidding landscape of craggy moss and tussock covered foothills which rise steeply between deep fjords to the mountainous glacierized spine of South Georgia, the Allardyce Range. It is dominated by the bulk of Mt Paget which forms a snow ridge and the highest and most southerly point is at 9625 feet before falling away southerly in a series of lesser peaks. It was first climbed by members of the Combined Services Expedition in 1964-65. They also repeated Shackleton's famous crossing, taking somewhat longer due to inclement weather.

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