RRS James Clark Ross - Lemaire Channel

20" x 30", Oil on Canvas, 1994

RRS James Clark Ross sailing through ice-free waters of the Lemaire Channel south of Anvers Island off the west coast of the Antarctic Peninsula. Cape Renard is above the bow of the ship.

RRS James Clark Ross is the most recent British Antarctic Survey vessel. She was built by Swan Hunter Shipbuilders at Wallsend on the River Tyne and launched in December 1990 by HM the Queen.

At 5,416 grt and with a service speed of 12 knots, she is 325 feet long and has a beam of 62 feet. She has an ice-strengthened hull, and can pass through level sea ice up to 1m thick at 2 knots. She has been designed as a multipurpose vessel that can carry supplies and personnel from the UK to polar waters and can discharge cargo without port facilities as well as carry out scientific programmes.


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