Base F,  Faraday - Argentine Islands

20" x 30", oil on canvas board, 1996

This painting was done to mark the 50 years of operation of British Antarctic Survey's Base F, Faraday, originally Argentine Islands. It shows the base huts situated on a rocky promontory of Galindez Island, part of the Argentine Islands group on the west coast of the Antarctic Peninsula. In the distance are the magnificent mountains flanking the Lemaire Channel about 12 miles away. A splendid view on a clear day!

The reunion was commemorated by a about 100 men who had wintered on Base F at various times spanning the past 50 years. It was held on board the British Antarctic Survey ship RRS Bransfield at her berth in Royal Dock, Grimsby on 12th October 1996. Faraday Station was transferred to Ukrainian ownership on 6 February 1996 and renamed Vernadsky.

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