and from islands of the Scotia Sea

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Island of South Georgia


Blue-eyed Shag, South Georgia

Sugartop and Gentoos

Gentoo Twins      For Sale through SGHT

Wings over Leith


Wandering Albatross over Possession Bay

Across Possession Bay - 1969  For Sale

Shackleton's Cross,  South Georgia   For Sale

Five Kings and a Gentoo

South Georgia Pipits   For  Auction trough SGHT .  Please see home page for link

           Pintails and Sugartop,  South Georgia  For Sale

Two Kings and Mt Sugartop, South Georgia

Cave Cove, King Haakon Bay  For Sale



Synchronicity - Fortuna Bay 

Two Kings and Mt Paget  For Sale


  Islands and wildlife of the Scotia Sea


Base H - Signy Island, South Orkney Islands

RRS John Biscoe stands off Sunshine Glacier, Coronation Island, South Orkney Islands

RRS John Biscoe,  Sunshine Glacier  and  Mt Nivea,  Coronation Island, South Orkney Islands

Trans-Atlantic Days,  ss Great Britain, 1845-46

Southern Ocean Wanderer

Cape 'Bloody' Wild, Elephant Island

Shackleton's  Camp Site at Cape Wild, Elephant Island

The Wanderer