Polar Travellers

12 x 20 inches,  oil on board,  1988

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This is a painting shows the Hairybreeks sledge dog team travelling over the Antarctic ice cap on one of our journeys  from our British Antarctic Survey base of Halley Bay during the austral summer of 1967-68.  Our lead dog is a Greenland born husky named Whisky.  On this painting he is followed by Chalky and Shem, then the  brothers Wensen (dark ears) and Esk, then Changi (darker dog) and his brother Luqa and at the rear, old stagers, Stroma and Skye.  (Skye is on the right of the pair).  The drivers are Pete Noble in red on the left of the sledge, and myself in grey.  It is called Polar Travellers because much of the work we did this season was to reconnoitre and prove a route across the featureless plateau of the Antarctic ice cap to the distant Shackleton Range, a group of mountains about 300 miles south of our base at  Halley Bay on the east coast of the Weddell Sea.