24" x 18", Oil on Canvas, 1994

The Greenland Husky Fedu was one of a pack of approximately 60 dogs used at British Antarctic Survey's base at Halley Bay during the mid 1960s for extensive field work in the Heimefrontfjella, and later the Theron Mountains and Shackleton Range some 250 miles south of the base.

Teams of nine dogs were used to pull a moderately loaded sledge of 600-800lbs throughout the summer field season, November to March, covering perhaps 1200 to 1500 miles. Sledges carried a tent, field equipment, man-food and dog food and frequently returned to a main depot for supplies brought out by tractors or aircraft.

The huskies have been the backbone of Antarctic exploration and have been in regular service for British Antarctic Survey since 1944. Recently however the last dogs in the Antarctic have been removed on environmental grounds (they may bring canine distemper to the seal population). They will be sadly missed by all 'doggymen' everywhere!

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