Never to Return

ss Terra Nova departing Cape Evans,  22nd January 1913 

16 x 24 inches,  oil on canvas,  2012,    The painting was auctioned by BAMT on 7th July 2012 (see link below for a contact).

Captain Scott's ship ss Terra Nova leaves Antarctica for the last time in January 1913 with the remaining members of his last expedition.  In Febriuary 1913 she arrived in  New Zealand bringing the tragic news to the world of Scott's achievement as well as the sad loss of the heroic Pole Party on their march back to Cape Evans after reaching the South Pole.  They were never to return home.  ss Terra Nova and the ships complement of expedition staff, officers and men never returned to the Antarctic. The painting was commissioned by the British Antarctic Monument Trust  BAMT,, for auction to raise funds for the establishment of a monument in Port Stanley in the Falkland Islands to all those who went to the Antarctic and never returned home again afterwards. 

A silent auction finished  9.00pm on Saturday 7th July at the BAS Club Reunion Dinner and raised £935 for the Trust.

The ship is seen in Erebus Bay set against the mass of Mt Erebus 12974 ft on a virtually cloudless Antarctic summer's day.  Her bulk obscures Tent Island, but Inaccessible Island can be seen beyond her prow with the lava strewn foreshore of Cape Evans beyond.  At her stern the rocky cliffs form a feature called of the Turks Head, a buttress holding back the numerous crevasses and ice falls of Turks Head Ridge which rises to the summit of Mt Erebus, some fifteen miles away.

Terra Nova, Length 187 feet, beam 31 feet, 744 grt. Built 1884, Stephens and Sons Dundee, Scotland as a 3-masted barque with a single 140 hp screw for whaling and sealing. Polar Voyages: Jackson-Harmsworth Arctic Expedition to Franz Joseph Land 1894-97, Discovery relief expedition 1904, Franz Joseph Land 1905, Scott’s Terra Nova Expedition 1910-13. Resumed work with the Newfoundland sealing industry and foundered off Greenland on 13.09.43.

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