Evening Camp in the Heimefrontfjella

20" x 30",   Oil on board,   1986

A field party has just stopped at the end of the day to set up camp for the night near 'Cathedral Peak' in the Heimefrontfjella some 320 km east of the British Antarctic Survey base at Halley Bay. After picketing the dogs and whilst they relax, the 'outside man' unloads the sledge, handing the camping equipment to his colleague in the tent, the 'inside man'.

Each member now has a set range of tasks alternated on a daily basis. As the 'inside man' lays out the bedding, prepares a mug of tea and gets on with the days meal, soup and 'scradge', the 'outside man' takes the harnesses off the dogs, spans them out, and then feeds them. After piling blocks of snow on the valence of the tent, collecting some for melting between the inner and outer tent, and trailing out the radio aerial he will come into to the welcome warmth of the tent and a mug of hot tea.

It may be that there is some field work to do, and so after a rest the party might set off on skis to the foot hills for a few hours 'geologising' while the dogs sleep.

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